2020 Vision: Cosmic Convergence

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2020 Vision: Cosmic Convergence

2020 Vision: Cosmic Convergence

~ Tune In ~ 1/11 ~ The Universe is calling you to join us.


👁 2020 Vision: Cosmic Convergence 🌏✨


⚡️ An intentional New Year's Celebration by Mettā Creative at Creative Labs ⚡️

~ Tune In ~ 1/11 ~The Universe is calling you to Join Us ~

✨ Listen, Feel, See, Smell, Taste, Experience, Explore, Connect, Discover. ✨





🎹 Live Music & Performance Art

🎨 Interactive Art Installations

🌌 Live Visuals & Projection Mapping

💒 Sound Healing Dome

🍹 3 Drinks Included

🍛 Plant-based Food Options


🍹Drinks Included:


- Fruit Juice

- Elixirs and Tonics (Essential Oil Infusions)

- Wine Spritzers

- CBD & Kratom Infusions





🌎 5:55 PM ~ Sustainability Sessions (Open Forum Divergence)

Join us as we discuss, explore and discover sustainable and regenerative practices, philosophies and systems to build a healthier future for us all. We will be breaking into small groups at 6:36pm and re-converging at 7:27pm to discuss next steps, connections and planning.

🌎 6:36 PM ~ Sustainability Sessions (Breakout Groups)

a.) Building Self Sufficiency: Hierarchy of needs for human self sufficiency (Eddie Cervantes )

b.) The Power of Dirt: How to create and keep healthy soil (Sassafras Garrahan https://www.facebook.com/pg/Sassascapes)

c.) Functional Upcycled Art: Transforming trash into (Michael Metcalf https://www.metcalfstudios.co/)

d.) Van Life: Thriving on a minimalistic, mobile lifestyle (Davis Pfund www.themusicalplant.world)

e.) Sustainable Life Planning: Turning dreams into goals into reality (Dylan Nunn www.mettacreative.world)

f.) Nature-based Regenerative Agriculture: Mimicing natural ecosystems to thrive harmoniously (Bobby Moses www.thereedcenter.org)

🌎 7:27 PM ~ Sustainability Sessions (Convergence & Planning)

We will re-converge to give participants the opportunitiy to request something from the group, providing people the time to connect and discuss next steps for attaining tangible future action plans.

🌎 8:08 PM ~ Fire Circle Outside facilitated by Hoop Fairy

Fire Safety is at 7:37pm. If you don't attend, please check in with Hoop Fairy before entering the circle. Please BYO fuel if you have, thank you! (https://www.instagram.com/hoopfairy)

🌎 9:09 PM ~ Sound Healing Jam w/ Mettā Makers & Friends

A Performance by Mettā Makers and friends will begin at 9:09pm. After 10:01pm, the Healing Dome will open up for all to participate. BYO instruments or respectfully use the ones that are available. We encourage participants to make and hold space for all to come and release stagnant energy and create new patterns of sounds with us. Please respect the instruments, the experience and the people experiencing, thank you!

Entity Sam performs sound healing using Singing Bowls, Tuning Forks, Bells and singing chants in ancient and modern languages like Sanskrit, Icelandic, Arvyndanse (Elvish), Urdu, Latin, Cantonese, Lakota, and Taino (Amazon Jungle). Performing at Alex & Allyson Greys' CoSM every equinox/solstice in the Pufferdome, Entity Sam focuses on the quantum healing aspects of sound, imbibing heiroglyphs/sigils/staves with ritual performances studied from the magical techniques of Gaia’s cultural shamanism. (https://www.instagram.com/entitysam/)

Lunar Sundance is a multi-instrumentalist and DJ that uses live looping to fuse experimental techniques and ryhthms with ambient sound healing to take participants to new states of thinking and being. Using an array of musical instruments including Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Saxophone and Didgeridoo, Lunar Sundance plays in 432hz based tuning to bring even more healing modalities to each unique performance. (https://themusicalplant.world/lunar-sundance)

Sound Wizard Mary @soundwizardmary works with with belief that sound is the most basic form of energy and can influence the most complex forms of energy activation. Using massive sonic wave creators such as the voice, gong, sound bowls and other sound healing instruments, Sound Wizard Mary facilitates environments of deep relaxation: of the mind, nervous system and breath; facilitating the inner-found key to unlocking self-healing & evolutionary power of our cells:selves. (www.instagram.com/soundwizardmary)

🌎 10:10 PM ~ Jon Eye

Jon Eye is inspired by Astronomy, Spirituality, Consciousness, Health, Science, Expression, Music, Awareness and Visionary Art, combining musical performance with live painting and poetry for a truly unique experience. (https://www.facebook.com/pg/JonEyeArt)

Tracks Set DJ'd by Moejay James https://soundcloud.com/moejayjames

🌎 11:11 PM ~ Mova Kween

MovaKween represents & honors the many layers & levels to the Divine Feminine through captivating live musical performance with singing and transformational and upifting musical facilitation. (https://www.movakween.com/)

🌎 12:12 AM ~ Joro-Boro

Joro-Boro established himself as a DJ with his seven year residency alongside Eugene Hutz (Gogol Bordello) at the Bulgarian Bar (Mehanata) in New York City where he pioneered the Balkan music and Balkan Beat scene in the United States. He then moved on to become an early promoter of global bass and released remixes on If The Kids Records (Germany), Generation Bass Records (UK/Netherlands), Barbes Records (USA), and Vlad (France) among others. His sets cover an array of genres from post-national bass to crypto crunk to a number of local club musics. He has toured with Balkan Beat Box and Filastine and has performed with artists ranging from Bassnectar to Omar Souleyman. (http://www.joro-boro.org)

🌎 1:31 AM ~ Shrub Squad

Shrub Squad is more than a DJ Collective. Musicians, Artists, Producers & Experimentalists from Baltimore, Maryland. Influenced by artists such as Odessa, Charles the First, Bassnectar, Clozee, Rufus Du Sol, Daktyl, SNBRN, Dr.Fresh, Yheti, MGMT, Kid Cudi, RHCP, John Fruscante and more, Shrub Squad fuses aspects of House, Trap, Bass, Dubstep, Future Bass, and EDM to bring the airwaves to life and energize the crowd. (https://soundcloud.com/shrub-squad)



👌🏽 Presales ticket prices:


1 for $22

2 for $33

👍🏽 Day of ticket prices:


1 for $33

2 for $44




🕰WHEN: January 11, 2020 ( 5:55PM - 3:33AM )

📍WHERE: Creative Labs , Baltimore

🙏🏽 WHY: The money raised will help Mettā Creative and Creative Labs continue facilitating, connecting and inspiring a creative & mindful community. These funds go directly to necessary event costs such as the experience creators that give their valuable time and knowledge to help co-create these experiences. The artists, the speakers, the lights, the venue, supplies gas money for us to make these possible! Without your support, we would not be able to do what we are doing, so thank you. 🥑

🚇TRANSPORTATION: Woodberry lightrail stop is SO CLOSE! Only a 5 min walk. Bus line 21 also takes you within 5 mins walking (Clipper Rd & Union Av. )

🛴 🚲 We also encourage the new solar powered scooters & bikes (JUMP, LYFT, LIME, BIRD... there's so many!) Just download the app and enjoy a $2 solar power-assisted ride here! If you are driving, please consider sharing an Über, Lyft or park in the back parking lot if you can👍🏽

✨Feel free to reach out with any questions, comments or concerns✨

⚠️ Get your tickets here! bit.ly/metta2020

👥 Facebook RSVP & Details here: https://www.facebook.com/events/818714948587022/


2020 Vision: Cosmic Convergence
Saturday, January 11, 2020 5:55 PM to Sunday, January 12, 2020 3:35 AM
Door Time: 6:00 PM
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The Creative Labs  
1786 B Union Ave
Baltimore, MD 21211
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