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5 Must-Know Event Planning and Marketing Tips for 2019

08 Jan

5 Must-Know Event Planning and Marketing Tips for 2019

5 Must-Know Event Planning and Marketing Tips for 2019

Wondering what trends will reshape the event industry in 2019 and where to start? From leveraging your existing customer data, to setting up your very own automated chatbot; if your new year’s resolution is to take your events to the next level have a look at our top tips for planning and marketing your 2019 events.

#1 Leverage your Customer Data

Think about everything that went right with your 2018 events, and what aspects could use some improvement. Have you sent your 2018 customers a satisfaction survey yet? If you haven’t, send out a quick survey and ask for their opinion. It’s important to analyze what your attendees are enjoying, as well as any suggestions for improvement.

Past event data such as tickets sold, revenue, tickets scanned and more will also help you set accurate, attainable 2019 event goals in terms of these key figures.

#2 Prioritize Attendee Satisfaction

According to a recent survey, 48% of event professionals cited attendee satisfaction as the most important indicator of event success, and almost 65% of event marketers measure their ROI based on attendee satisfaction.

In 2019, your attendee’s experience begins from the first point of contact you have with them. Whether you are sending an email or posting to social media, make sure all of your content marketing is unique and engaging, and starts well before you start selling tickets.

And if you haven’t started using customer relationship management tools to help manage your current customer base, now is the time to start.

#3 Choose Unique and Offbeat Event Spaces

We are already seeing 2019 events pop up in unique and unexpected spaces. Having an unconventional event location is a great way to get your audience interested and engaged. If you’ve been running the same event in the same location for a few years and are no longer seeing increases in revenue, it may also be time to relocate.

#4 Smarter Chatbots

The robots aren’t taking over quite yet, but 2019 will witness more advanced chatbot technology that can help you manage common customer questions, without constantly checking your social media. Facebook now offers automated responses, which you can setup on your event’s Facebook page to answer some of the most common event questions your audience has, such as operating hours, pricing, and more.

#5 Start Thinking about Influencer Marketing

Social media influencers will be one of the most lucrative channels to drive attendance in 2019.

Consider your event theme or topic and start researching local “influencers” (professionals with a lot of likes and high engagement on their social media platforms) who may specialize in that topic, and send them a direct message. You might be surprised at how willing local influencers are to help spread the word about an event they are passionate about.

Influencers aren’t just limited to Instagram. If your event is business-related, consider searching for professionals with high engagement on LinkedIn.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get to work!

We collaborated with some amazing event producers in 2018, and we can’t wait to help events of all shapes and sizes sell more tickets using these tips and more! Check out our features or get in touch with an event expert today to discuss how MissionTix can help you increase attendance and simplify your event planning and marketing.

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