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Email Marketing Tips – More Clicks, More Tickets

04 Dec

Email Marketing Tips – More Clicks, More Tickets

Email Marketing Tips – More Clicks, More Tickets

One of the easiest and most effective types of marketing is through email. Targeting the right kind of fans with events that will interest them sells more tickets… and we have the analytics to prove it!

Get Your Fans Clicking

Engaging with your fans is key.  Why should somebody subscribe to your newsletter? What incentives are you offering? What’s in it for them!?

In our bi-weekly customer newsletter MissionTix Connect, we engage our fans through ticket giveaways, coupon codes, special offers and discounts. With over 170,000 subscribers, our fans connect to see what events are happening around them….and they stay connected, engaged and interested because we are constantly giving away stuff!

Target the Right Clickers

So now that we have our fans clicking, it is important to make sure we are targeting the right kind of clickers by learning who are fans are, where they live, how old they are, and what they like to do for fun.

Missiontix is currently in development of a preference center to easily target customers. Via a quick online questionnaire, our subscribers tell us what kinds of events they are interested in attending. Those event-specific fans are then migrated into our client’s own email campaigns.

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