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Fan Club Ticketing

04 Dec

Fan Club Ticketing

Fan Club Ticketing

Why are your fans so important?

Loyalty is important to artists, musicians and sports teams alike, and having a driving fan base is everything to them. Fans fill seats, weather the storm in both the physical and literal sense, and they are the reason their idols make so much money.

Fan clubs used to be local groups of supporters with a newsletter in the snail-mail once a month, but now they are worldwide communities of hundreds to thousands to millions to billions of people who support a common cause. They can keep tabs on your day-to-day life through the press, but contacting them through the social media frenzy isn’t always effective with limitations and filters. With their dedication and excitement, they should get something in return, right?!

We believe in rewards. Our box office software and ticketing services can be customized so you can sell tickets online to fan club members and offer ticket discounts, priority seating, and more.

MissionTix creates a customized website that’s exclusive to the fan club and provides a location where fans can buy tickets for multiple shows in a single transaction, sign up to receive emails about their favorite act, and even connect with other fans through social media.

Dark Star, formed in 1997, is one of the most popular Grateful Dead cover bands and is proud to be playing over 200 shows a year. With 700 to 1200 people per show, rewarding their fans is important!

Dark Star Orchestra has created a name for themselves by approaching their shows differently: instead of just doing covers of Grateful Dead songs, they perform covers of full concerts, note for note, just the way their idols did. In support of this awesome tribute, members of the Grateful Dead have joined the band on stage! How cool is that?!

In the spirit of this awesome band and their passion, I’ll leave you with a quote from the Grateful Dead themselves:

“Put your gold money where your love is baby.” – Loser by The Grateful Dead

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