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Mission Media Embarks On A New NASA Mission

26 Nov

Mission Media Embarks On A New NASA Mission

Mission Media Embarks On A New NASA Mission

Have you ever wondered how space exploration affects your daily life? “Spinoffs” are commercial products and services derived from NASA technology or improved through NASA partnerships. These technologies—developed for the study of space and Earth—are responsible for billions of dollars in both revenue and saved costs, tens of thousands of jobs created, and improved quality of living across the United States and around the world. The NASA Home & City interactive web app allows you to explore some of the spinoff technologies you can find in your everyday life, demonstrating the wider benefits of America’s investments in its space program.

 At the guidance of the NASA Space Technology Mission Directorate and through support provided by the National Institute of Aerospace, Mission Media designed and developed the new and improved Home & City interactive online interactive in collaboration with content partners Bully Entertainment and Woodpile Studios. Using advanced WebGL technology, the experience allows you to navigate through two virtual 3D environments (home and city), from your desktop or mobile device. The mobile version uses gyroscope functionality to navigate throughout the environment, allowing users to view and move through the scenes, turning left or right, looking up or down, as if they are in front of them.

 "Our space technology continues to improve life on Earth,” said Jim Reuter, the acting associate administrator of NASA’s Space Technology Mission Directorate. "NASA Home & City is a place of discovery for people, and especially students, who have ever wondered why space exploration should matter to them.”


 “There was no roadmap for the ambition of this project. From content, to UX, to the cutting-edge development, Mission and our team of collaborators discovered truly new ways to form technology around the ‘big idea.’ The result is both an enduring partnership and living product that we are all extremely proud of”, Mission’s executive creative director Todd Harvey noted. “The project illustrates the future of the web —not merely as a platform for information, but a  place where users can interact with dynamic content in informative and entertaining ways.”

 NASA Home & City features about 130 spinoff technologies, allowing users to tour through buildings and rooms to discover common items that NASA inspired or helped improve. These spinoffs are commercial products that apply NASA technology originally developed for studying and exploring space. "From GPS to airplanes, from baby formula to the camera in your phone, NASA technology is all around you”, NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine said in a tweet. The agency's collaboration with commercial companies has helped bring space technology back to Earth for over 50 years. These range from water filtration systems, originally designed to purify water for the Apollo astronauts to durable wind turbines, designed with Mars in mind to the selfie taking camera, the report said.

The Home & City site is optimized for accessibility and tailored to a wide audience, including teachers and children. Ideas for future extensions include the installation of interactive kiosks in NASA visitor centers throughout the country.

 Explore NASA Home & City at https://homeandcity.nasa.gov/.  

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