Charm City Roller Girls Golden Girls Scrimmage

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This summer marked thirteen years since Charm City Roller Girls' started rolling. Thirteen. A ripe old age. What better way to celebrate getting older than honoring the icons of growing old with class, spunk, vivaciousness and female empowerment?  A tip of the helmet to Blanche, Rose, Sophia and Dorothy in an open scrimmage-- inviting everyone we know. This round robin scrimmage will include four teams (Team Rose- Straight outta St. Olaf, Team Sophia- Picture It, Sicily 1912, Team Dorothy- Shady Pines Ma! and Team Blanche- The Vintage Vixens) for a total of six 30 minute games. Bring your leotards, shoulder pads and bamboo purse out to the lanai. This is a co-ed experience. Skaters who have passed WFTDA minimum requirements (or equivalent) can play! All other pals and confidants can watch!

Skaters- please also register here: so we can place you on a team!

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Charm City Roller Girls Golden Girls Scrimmage
Saturday, August 25, 2018
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Skateland North Point  
1113 N Point Rd
Baltimore, MD 21222
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