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Filmfest DC - The Hippopotamus

Run Time: 89 Minutes


The Hippopotamus


John Jencks

UK, 2017

Based on the novel by acclaimed British polymath Stephen Fry, this witty comedy follows a once-admired poet, Ted Wallace (Roger Allam, The Queen, TV's Endeavour), now in the waning days of a career as a theatre critic. Wallace uses his withering wit against any and all who dare come close.  When Wallace's goddaughter hires him to investigate alleged miracles at the estate of the poet’s onetime friend, Lord Logan (Matthew Modine), Wallace pockets her money, grabs a bottle, and heads out on an unexpected adventure. At the estate, he meets Lord Logan's young son, David (Tommy Knight), who seems to have miraculous talents. Colorful characters seeking David's "cure" soon arrive. These guests include Wallace's ex, who cuts him to the quick. The increasingly desperate Wallace gradually reconsiders his many poor choices, although his razor-sharp tongue will not go quietly, in keeping with the film's refreshingly no-holds-barred outlook.—Dave Nuttycombe



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Filmfest DC - The Hippopotamus
Sunday, April 23, 2017 6:00 PM
AMC Mazza Gallerie  
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AMC Mazza Gallerie  
5300 Wisconsin Ave NW
Washington, DC 20015