Microsoft Presents: Women In Cyber

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Microsoft Presents: Women In Cyber

Microsoft Presents: Women In Cyber

An in-depth look at how the entry of women into the Cyber Security community is transforming the Tech industry by introducing diverse thought leadership, and collaborative efforts to drive efficiency, culture change, and how the entry of more women in tech, specifically, Cyber Security, will continue to play a huge role in both the local and global economies & communities for years to come.


Where there is innovation there will always be challenges; join us on December 3, 6-9 pm, @Pitango, 903 S. Ann Street, Baltimore MD 21231, to hear how, Chief Technology Officer's (CTO) and current leadership at companies like, Microsoft, are working hard to collaborate with the rising, and current women in the workforce, themselves, to learn more on best practices to recruit women into the career field of Cyber Security, how to work with women in the current workforce looking to make a career change into Cyber Security, how to continue to ensure their existing and incoming women in the workforce have the right skills to build and leverage Cyber Security, and finally how they create the right culture to realize the benefits of increasing the diversity of their Cyber Security teams with women and other inclusive, mindful, work cultures and processes.

Our intention is to educate and build awareness, enlist mentors/mentees, and build networking programs with connected and relevant people in the business around Computer Science, IT, and Cyber for any audience member interested, and/or has never heard this message before and would like to learn how they, their students, children, co-workers, friends, colleagues learn more about an active path to getting into Cyber Security as a career.

Founder :

Lucas Dowd, Cybersecurity Solutions Group, Microsoft

Panel :


Diana Kelley, Cybersecurity CTO | Executive Advisor | Technical Architect | Au


Sarah Roberts, Enterprise Security Executive, Microsoft


Keenan Skelly, VP Global Partnerships & Security Evangelist, Circadence


Allie Brandenburger, Co-founder & CEO of TheBridge




Chelsie Thompson, Cyber Security Consultant, Microsoft




Microsoft Presents: Women In Cyber
Tuesday, December 03, 2019
6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Door Time: 6:00 PM
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Event Map

Pitango Bakery + Cafe  
903 S Ann St
Baltimore, MD 21231