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Rocket to Venus Film Donations

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Geoff Danek, a Baltimore restaurant owner, buys a house to get closer to his work… When a friend shows him an article about three guys who supposedly built a rocket to Venus in his Hampden garage, he talks his childhood buddy and business partner Brian "Buck" Carey into helping him find out more about these amateur scientists.

Verité cameras follow Geoff and Buck as they launch into a cross-country road trip tracking down family and friends of the nascent rocket builders - Sterling Uhler, his brother Harry, and a Polytechnic  Institute grad and "mathematical wizard" named Robert Condit - as they unravel a head-scratching, science-defying mystery a century in the making.

Rocket to Venus follows two outrageous friends uncovering an outrageous story about three amateur scientists who built an outrageous space-craft aimed toward an outrageous destination!

But beneath all this outrageousness is an internal spirit of a time in history when anything was possible.  A time when people weren't inhibited by their perceived limitations...

And to test the story's veracity, Geoff and Buck plan to build a  replica rocket using the original designs from 1928… Following in the footsteps of those amateur scientists, history just might repeat itself in Hampden.

By telling this story from Baltimore's eclectic history, we hope to open the intersection of science and community. Rocket To Venus is a  window into Baltimore's past, telling a story of men pushing past their limits and testing the impossible. At the core is a story of friendship and perseverance. A reach for the stars, anything's possible, can-do spirit that lies within us all.

Baltimore is a "build it" town. Dream it and do it. It's a spirit that's embodied the people here for centuries. We aim to harness that spirit and enthusiasm for dreaming big and building something even bigger. Our mission is to bring this story to the world. Along the way, we hope to inspire young people in Baltimore (and beyond) to follow their interests and scientific curiosity. We pledge to personally match a portion of the film's proceeds to send Baltimore City public school children to a  STEM-based retreat, or perhaps even space camp, so they too can reach for the stars. The more we raise, the more kids we can reach with this unique opportunity.



Rocket to Venus Film Donations


Lift Off! - DonationUSD $100.00

You’re stuffed in the nose cone...You feel the shaking of the engine below you. Time to throttle up! Check it...

Countdown! - DonationUSD $50.00

Too late to turn back now. The fuel and air are igniting and we’re ready to blast off! We got you...

Rocket Fuel - DonationUSD $25.00

Do you have any idea how much fuel it takes to get to Venus? Neither do we. BUT, we know it’s a lot. Same for making a film - every drop counts. Thank you!

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