SOOHAN<br>Naughty Princess<br>James Nasty

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SOOHAN<br>Naughty Princess<br>James Nasty


The tracks on Global Gate 808 pay homage to the mighty 808 kick and utilize a unique and extensive sample selection that make SOOHAN’s work truly memorable. He takes us on a multi-faceted journey across the globe, pulling from the traditional music of various cultures and from the depths of our nostalgia. His unique sound sets him apart from many popular bass music acts, and has earned him a cult following across the US. Where else are you going to find trapped out Turkish folk music? Do yourself a favor and come by the 8x10!

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Naughty Princess
James Nasty
Friday, November 02, 2018 9:00 PM
The 8x10  
Door Time: 9:00 PM
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General Admission - USD $17.00

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The 8x10  
10 E Cross St
Baltimore, MD 21230