Sounds of the Underground ft. Honeycomb, tsimba, and Mt. Analogue

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Sounds of the Underground ft. Honeycomb, tsimba, and Mt. Analogue

Sounds of the Underground ft. Honeycomb, tsimba, and Mt. Analogue

sleepygurl presents...


sleepygurl presents Sounds of the Underground ft. Honeycomb, tsimba, and Mt. Analogue at Tropicalia on Thursday, June 13th.


Honeycomb in his essence is a walking, breathing, anywhere, anytime musical instrument; embracing spontaneity in his performance, and elevating the moment for anyone who wishes to participate and lend an ear. Although renowned for his beatboxing, Honeycomb is a talented producer, DJ, guitarist, and drummer. If it can be played, he’ll rock it and ride the groove until there’s no more dancing to be had. 

In his many years of performances & travel, Honeycomb has toured nationwide supporting bands, DJs, and musicians alike. In recent years he has received support from Moon Hooch, Mija, Space Jesus, 12th Planet, Big Gigantic, the list goes on. Whether it be rinsing out his tracks in their sets, or inviting him to support a national tour, or to hop on stage for a back-to-back, Honeycomb rarely turns down an opportunity to make some smiles and move a floor. 

Year after year he is invited back to Electric Forest and of a variety of festivals to perform, and share the fruits of his labor & positive energy. If Honeycomb is at the event, expect to see him buzzing around and finding his way on stage and into spontaneous jams that become a highlight of the weekend for a passing patron.


tsimba is the alias adopted by quickly-rising bass music producer Mark Evans Musto based out of Brooklyn, NY, originally from Wallingford, CT. When it comes to artistic authenticity and ingenuity, tsimba sets the bar extremely high with his hard-hitting, genre-defying production and mind-melting DJ sets. Turning heads across the country with his ‘Future Roots Sound’, tsimba is undoubtedly building a reputation as one of the most dynamic, exciting artists in the mid-tempo/heavy bass scene.

Mt. Analogue

As roots delicately intertwine with the veins that course blood through our hearts, one thing is certain... Balance is key. Love shines in to our souls as the void smiles back at us.

With a balance held strong in the roots of musicianship and composition, Mt. Analogue merges a healthy dose of both organic and electronic elements in to his craft.

A wordsmith focusing on abstract/surreal wordplay, Mt. Analogue's lyrics tap into many realms of philosophy and metaphysics. With his poetry he intends to help listeners: question their destiny, tap into their limitless potential, question the essence of reality, and encourage listeners to enlighten themselves through balance, information, and respect for the everlasting lifeforce that binds us.

A music producer Hailing from southwest Ohio, he delivers an all original live set that incorporates a blend of: Hip Hop, cinematic soundscapes, and experimental electronic music.

Plant a seed inside your mind scape and set yourself free.

Love. Focus. Balance.


Sounds of the Underground ft. Honeycomb, tsimba, and Mt. Analogue
Thursday, June 13, 2019 to Friday, June 14, 2019
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2001 14th Street Northwest
Washington, DC 20009