Waterfront Tech Series Ep: 8 "HealthTech" Presented by: Kaiser Permanente

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Waterfront Tech Series Ep: 8 "HealthTech" Presented by: Kaiser Permanente

Waterfront Tech Series Ep: 8 "HealthTech" Presented by: Kaiser Permanente

We are back at it and back at Johns Hopkins Carey Business School to bring you an in depth look at where we are with technology as it pertains to healthcare!  Presented by Kaiser Permanente!  We will have a strong lineup for the panel and as always  come ready with your own questions for the QA portion of the program!

Hear the experts talk about how Technology, Telehealth, Remote Health, AI, Big Data, and Integrated Data working to innovate new ways to make your health top priority.


Waterfront Tech Series of quarterly events for movers, shakers, startups, technology gurus, and entrepreneurial business leaders alike. It is a place to come together and connect over the latest in all levels of business as it pertains to the tech industry, or anyone leveraging technology to help craft the future.


Inspired by the innovation and technology movement that has helped Baltimore City become the nationally recognized hub that it has become, Waterfront Tech Series is strategically positioned at various locations along the Baltimore City waterfront bringing together two of Baltimore’s richest treasures: its waterfront and its spirit of entrepreneurial, innovative, and pioneering prowess!


Hear from incredible, pertinent, and talented speakers who will delve into their own rise to greatness in Baltimore with shared experiences, challenges, and unique business models. They will share their current take on the market landscape and tech trends everyone should be looking out for. 


This one of a kind event also provides an open platform for sponsors and attendees to share their own forward thinking initiatives in order to connect with other like-minded innovators.   


Most recently Waterfront Tech Series has added Happy Hours, and Lunch and Learn packages to the quarterly mix!


Moderator Gracelyn McDermott, Executive Director @ Kaiser Permanente

Dr. Daniel Durand, CINO, LifeBridge Health

Smitha Gopal, CEO, Rendia

Leitia Dzirasa, M.D. Health Commissioner, Baltimore City Health Department

Kathryn Whitmore, President-elect, HIMSS


Waterfront Tech Series Ep: 8 "HealthTech" Presented by: Kaiser Permanente
Thursday, May 23, 2019
7:45 AM to 10:30 AM
Door Time: 7:45 AM
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Age Limit: 

Event Map

Johns Hopkins Carey Business School  
100 International Drive
Baltimore, MD 21202