Waterfront Tech Series Ep: 9 "EdTech K 12"

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Waterfront Tech Series Ep: 9 "EdTech K 12"

Waterfront Tech Series Ep: 9 "EdTech K 12"

Waterfront Tech Series Ep: 9 "EdTech K 12"

Waterfront Tech Series Ep: 9 is back 9/25 @The Johns Hopkins University - Carey Business School 8-10:30 a.m. with "EdTech: K 12". We are taking a look at the rise of Tech in the K 12 space, successes, failures, and where we need to go from here for our students, and future work force development to close the hashtag#STEM gaps.

For this year's WFTech Series Ep: 9 "EdTech K 12" we are bringing together the experts in hashtag#tech and the Pre K-12 hashtag#education space to hear how each panelist is working to close the hashtag#STEM skill set gap in our classrooms.
hashtag#STEM skill set gap in our classrooms. We are speaking with local education & technology experts, as well as, Private, City and Baltimore County Public schools about their current status with technology in the classrooms.  We are taking a look at the k-12 space and asking some tough questions of the professionals like; Why should computers be used in K 12 schools? What is the role of technology in an educational setting today? How important is technology in education? What are effects of innovation of technology in education? What has been working with technology in K 12 and where do we still have challenges we need to overcome? How can the business leaders in the room help close the gaps in STEM for workforce development?

Some of the micro topics we will be looking at, specifically, are the importance of cloud computing in today's Pre-K-12 environment, what tech trends are they excited about and why? With 97% Of Kids Playing Video Games, How Does An Institution Use Game-Based Learning In the Classroom?  With social media playing such a large role in the lives of Pre-K-12 students, what best practices are employed to ensure students navigate social media and technology in positive, high character ways? (Social Institute)

Tye Campbell, Director of Technology @ Gilman School

Jess Gartner, CEO & Founder of Allovue

Gretchen LeGrand, Co-founder & CEO, Code in the Schools

Ryan Imbriale, Executive Director, Innovative Learning, Baltimore County Public Schools

Megean Garvin, Ph.D.,Director of Research and Assessment @ Maryland Center for Computing Education

We are pumped for this program and are also super excited to be heading back to the one and only, Johns Hopkins Carey Business School, at 8 a.m. on 9/25 to cover this important topic!  All levels of sponsorship are now open and the sponsor packages are attached.  If you or your organization would like to have a larger presence at this program please us know! at [email protected] 

hashtag#educationhashtag#technology #STEM #workforcedevelopment


Waterfront Tech Series Ep: 9 "EdTech K 12"
Wednesday, September 25, 2019
8:00 AM to 10:30 AM
Door Time: 8:00 AM
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Johns Hopkins Carey Business School  
100 International Drive
Baltimore, MD 21202
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