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Waterfront Tech Series Episode: 4

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Waterfront Tech Series Episode: 4

Waterfront Tech Series Episode: 4  
5/16/2018 @ Brown Advisory  
901 S. Bond Street 7:30-10:30 a.m.!  

"The Future is NOW"; Top Industry leaders define and discuss how Blockchains, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality ALREADY shape their best business practices and what the saavy business executive needs to know about the wave of the future where these technologies apply. 

Emerging Technologies are transforming every industry as we know it.

We have had holograms, 3-D renderings, virtual reality, hover boards, and the ability to have crypto currency, VR, and AR for years.  We have seen it in books, tv, and movies but what does this "futuristic" way of life really mean to you and your business?  A lot of these technological advancements are still seen as something we may be dealing with in the next decade but behind the scenes this "emerging technology" is HERE and it is happening NOW.  It is changing real estate, health care, book keeping, video games...in short, the only comparison we have to date is the internet...making these technologies the most disruptive to our status quo that we have seen in several years!  

As a society are we ready for all of this?  Can we afford to not be ready for it?  Find out from some incredible industry leaders on 5/16/2018 @ Brown Advisory 901 S. Bond Street 7:30-10:30 a.m.!

Waterfront Tech Series Episode: 4 "The Future is NOW"
On 5/16 Waterfront Tech Series Episode: 4 "The Future Is Now" will explore #blockchains, #ArtificialIntelligence, and #VirtualReality! Edward Tolchin, Principal Attorney Offit | Kurman, PA Ed’s intro and insight into #emergingtechnology and the new frontier as we know it. Tim Kulp,Director of Emerging Technology Mind Over Machines will discuss points on #Blockchains and how #Cryptocurrency Works from a general, technical development, and the human standpoint on #AI. Josh Morehouse, Security Engineer at Brown Advisory will discuss how #automation and #machinelearning are making a difference for the Security Team helping to help protect employees and clients at Brown Advisory. Katherine Pinkard, President at Pinkard Properties will discuss how #blockchain can be applied to real estate – title/deed transfer & recordation, big data, smart contracts,  and token-backed funds. Len Sullivan, Vice President/Partner #3D Division HighRock.will discuss how creative design, 3d/VR, video, and how web can all work together. Will Gee, Founder & CEO Balti Virtual will discuss how #Augmentedreality Technology. Will will share examples of how clients have used AR in marketing, branding, and education.  Make Today Count!

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Waterfront Tech Series Episode: 4
Wednesday, May 16, 2018
7:30 AM to 10:30 AM
Brown Advisory  
Door Time: 7:30 AM
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Brown Advisory  
901 S Bond St #400
Baltimore, MD 21231