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Waterfront Tech Series Episode: 4  
5/16/2018 @ Brown Advisory  
901 S. Bond Street 7:30-10:30 a.m.!  

"The Future is NOW"; Top Industry leaders define and discuss how Blockchains, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality ALREADY shape their best business practices and what the saavy business executive needs to know about the wave of the future where these technologies apply. 

Emerging Technologies are transforming every industry as we know it.

We have had holograms, 3-D renderings, virtual reality, hover boards, and the ability to have crypto currency, VR, and AR for years.  We have seen it in books, tv, and movies but what does this "futuristic" way of life really mean to you and your business?  A lot of these technological advancements are still seen as something we may be dealing with in the next decade but behind the scenes this "emerging technology" is HERE and it is happening NOW.  It is changing real estate, health care, book keeping, video games...in short, the only comparison we have to date is the internet...making these technologies the most disruptive to our status quo that we have seen in several years!  

As a society are we ready for all of this?  Can we afford to not be ready for it?  Find out from some incredible industry leaders on 5/16/2018 @ Brown Advisory 901 S. Bond Street 7:30-10:30 a.m.!

Waterfront Tech Series Episode: 4 "The Future is NOW"


8:35-9:10/MOXIE Remarks, intro to Ed/Moderator and the Panel will take it away.  

***Ed will intro himself and set up the tone of the panel.  Ed will then intro each panelist and ask a pointed question to the panelist that will set them up for their  5 minute discussion point presentation of sorts they have prepared.  (we will have minimal slides but if you would like to have a speaking points or slide behind you please submit ASAP) 
***Once each Panelist is done with their "question" and presentation Ed will regroup and address the audience to summarize and comment on the panelists discussion points as he sees fit. We will then quickly seque into the audience QA. PLEASE NOTE: The audience should not participate or ask questions until the designated QA portion of the program. 

9:20-9:50 or longer depending on the amount of time we have.  By 9:50 we will wrap it up and there is another 30 minutes of networking, wrap up, and clean up. 

9:50-10:20 Network/Wrap Up


Edward Tolchin, Principal Attorney Offit Kurman, PA
*Ed’s intro and insight into emerging technology and the new frontier as we know it:

Panelist One: 
Tim Kulp,Director of Emerging Technology at Mind Over Machines
*Tim’s Discussion Points on Blockchains/How Crypto Currency Works from a general technical development standpoint/Why havent we implented it yet/pitfalls & advancements with crypto currency~Seque into
*Tim’s Discussion Points on the app/video game he is helping to build with Kennedy Krieger using VR/AI/AR for Autistic Children: 

Panelist Two: 
Katherine Pinkard, President at Pinkard Properties focused on development and management, interest in blockchain for commercial real estate. 
*Katherine’s Discussion Points on Blockchains in Commercial Real Estate:

Panelist Three: 
Len Sullivan, Vice President/Partner 3D Division at High Rock
*Len’s Discussion Points on VR from a dev technical and real world example standpoint:

Panelist Four: 
Will Gee, Founder & CEO at Balti Virtual
*Will’s Discussion Points on VR from a dev technical and real world example standpoint: 


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Waterfront Tech Series Episode: 4
Wednesday, May 16, 2018
7:30 AM to 10:30 AM
Brown Advisory  
Door Time: 7:30 AM
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Brown Advisory  
901 S Bond St #400
Baltimore, MD 21231